ALGOrithms to automate SURGeries

What we do

AlgoSurg® team is developing Algorithms for 3D Simulation of Orthopedic Surgeries, for various applications ranging from AR-based surgical training (OpenSurgiSim), cloud-based 3D surgery planning (Tabplan3D), automatic patient-specific instrument/implant design (X3DPSI) and AR-based surgical navigation and robotics.

Find more at Tabplan3D Product Page.
Here are some videos of earlier BBC interview, recent Y-Combinator pitch (in 2018) and a latest project.


Who we are

The Founders
Dr. Vikas Karade - CEO Amit Maurya - CTO
Our team also has many reputed surgeons who clinically test and build our technologies with us.


World media recognizes our work as the begining of disruptive technologies in the healthcare industry.

BBC News Techcrunch : Y-combinator
The Economic Times American Bazaar Online
CNBC Awaaz - Innovation Yatra ETNow TV Programme - Power of Shunya
Times of India The Economic Times
India Today Business World Disrupt


AlgoSurg team has won prestigious awards nationally and internationally, for their innovations.