ALGOrithms to automate SURGeries

What we do

AlgoSurg® team is developing Algorithms for 3D Simulation of Orthopedic Surgeries, for various applications ranging from AR-based surgical training (OpenSurgiSim), cloud-based 3D surgery planning (Tabplan3D), automatic patient-specific instrument/implant design (X3DPSI) and AR-based surgical navigation and robotics.

Find more at Tabplan3D Product Page.
Here are some videos of earlier BBC interview, recent Y-Combinator pitch (in 2018) and a latest project.


Who we are

The Founders
Dr. Vikas Karade - CEO Amit Maurya - CTO
And many reputed surgeons mentoring us and testing our products...


World media recognizes our work as the begining of disruptive technologies in the healthcare industry.

BBC News Techcrunch : Y-combinator
The Economic Times American Bazaar Online
CNBC Awaaz - Innovation Yatra ETNow TV Programme - Power of Shunya
Times of India The Economic Times
India Today Business World Disrupt


AlgoSurg team has won prestigious awards nationally and internationally, for their innovations.